So the playoffs are under way and we were having so much fun in Tucson that we forgot to do our playoff predictions. Well, never fear dear readers, this might be late, but it’s here:

Sarah’s Picks:
ALDS: Red Sox over Angels in 4, Yankees over Twins in 3
ALCS: Red Sox over Yankees in 7 games
NLDS: Phillies over Rockies in 4, Dodgers over Cardinals in 5
NLCS: Dodgers over Phillies in 6
World Series: Red Sox over Dodgers in 6

Paul”s Picks:
ALDS: Red Sox over Angels in 4, Yankees over Twins in 4
ALCS: Yankees over Red Sox in 7 games
NLDS: Phillies over Rockies in 4, Cardinals over Dodgers in 5
NLCS: Phillies over Cardinals in 6
World Series: Yankees over Phillies in 6

Alejandro’s Picks:
ALDS: Red Sox over Angels in 5, Yankees over Twins in 5
ALCS: Yankees over Red Sox in 7 games
NLDS: Phillies over Rockies in 5, Cardinals over Dodgers in 5
NLCS: Cardinals over Phillies in 7
World Series: Cardinals over Yankees in 7

Zvee’s Picks:
ALDS: Phils over Rocks (3-1)
ALCDS: Yanks over Twins (3-0)
NLDS: Cards over Dodgers (3-2)
ALDS: Angels over Sox (3-2)
NCLS: Cards over Phils (4-2)
ALCS: Yanks over Angels (4-1)
World Series: Cards over Yanks (4-2)

Coley’s picks:


7 Responses to “Umpbump’s Postseason Picks”

  1. I’m fairly certain none of the LDS will go to 6 games.

  2. Alejandro says:

    …and that is why you dont make picks during brainstorming meetings…

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Coley’s picks surprised me. I thought he would go with:

    ALDS: Phillies over Red Sox, Yankees over Twins
    NLDS: Phillies over Rockies, Dodgers over Cards

    ALCS: Phillies over Yankees
    NLCS: Phillies over Dodgers

    World Series: Phillies over Phillies

  4. I like Sarah’s optimism.

  5. I’m gonna go Cinderella on all your asses and go with the TWINS taking it all. cuz they’ve got MAUER POWER!!!

  6. Sarah Green says:

    Yeah, it’s totally optimism. The Yankees are a better team! Let’s just FACE IT.

    Ugh, I hate facing it.

  7. The Angels have played with Nick Adenhart’s jersey in the dugout all season. they want this one. the Yankees are playing like they’re in s a Disney movie. the Sox have been half-assing it since mid-September. they’ve been hot and cold all year. they’re either overly confident about their ability to turn things around, or they’re too busy thinking about winter in Arizona, or they’ve seen what lays ahead with the Yankees and they know they won’t get past them this year. I am not optomistic – the ’09 team is an exhausted mess. they basically forfeited their last 2 weeks of the season – never a good sign. I don’t feel like their playoff spot was well-earned. and they need to fire Magadan. a team like that can’t just go on extended, embarrassing slumps like they did mid-summer during the Yankees series. someone should get fired when an entire lineup goes on an extended slump like that. time to shake things up – the Francona/Magadan/Farrell triad is a little too comfortable.
    (as you can tell, I’m still pissed at Tito for not taking Beckett out sooner in the 7th inning. after the Vlad Guerrero walk was a train wreck I saw coming a mile away). and I hate admitting that the yankees deserve to be there – i HATE that, but it’s true.

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