This morning Paul emailed the UmpBump writers with a new candidate for best nickname in baseball.

It seems the Blue Jays’ Marc Rzepczynski is nicknamed “Scrabble.”


Of course, it wasn’t long before Scrabble-nazi Sarah chimed in with her two cents:

The irony is that a) proper nouns aren’t allowed, b) there’s only one Z tile in Scrabble so you couldn’t make this name, and c) it’s way too long to actually make it. But, if you could, it would be worth 40 points before you even factored in any bonuses.

The moral of the story: Don’t play Scrabble with Sarah. She will bury you in a sea of triple-word scores and mock your limited vocabulary. She will make you cry.

12 Responses to ““Scrabble” nickname is awesome but impossible”

  1. You could use a blank as a Z, meaning it would be worth 30 points before bonuses. And it would technically fit on the board, but would be very difficult to get played.

  2. Good call. You’d have to rely on the board already containing a four-letter combination (like “nski”) that you could build off of. Possible, but extremely unlikely.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    CB, I thought of using the blank, I really did. But as you point out, then it’s only a 30 point word, and as we all know, it’s only worth dropping the blank if you’re getting at least 50 points.

    And, as Coley points out, the odds of there being a word to build off of such as nski (or indeed, rzep) are slim.

    Maybe, just maybe, Nick Kapur might be able to find a way…

  4. Well, the name is definitely possible, if not tricky, to get on a board. There would need to be the word ski accessible on the board with an r separated from ski by seven squares. Feel free to use the blank because of the 50 point bonus for bingo and there you have it.

    Just saying.

  5. Scott Lange says:

    You don’t even have to have the word ski- you could have several vertical words coming down with horizontal spaces between them, and just play your (up to) seven letters in between. Throw in the blank and you’re good to go.

  6. Sarah Green says:

    Ah! Kevin, Scott, I sense you are worthy Scrabble adversaries.

  7. a) proper nouns aren’t allowed,

    That’s not the point in the slightest. This is where the humor comes in.

    You know, I once heard James Hunter wasn’t actually a catfish either.

  8. As far as a proper noun, no sweat. The English language is very flexible.

    rzepczynski – adj. – a particularly tricky, but possible, word to spell in a game of scrabble.

    i.e. – The word “squirrels” was really rzepczynski until the other player played the second “s” I needed on the triple word score space.

    See. Now go forth and dominate your opponents with your lexicon’s new addition.

  9. Sarah Green says:

    Ah! Kevin, I like this approach, but can you provide phonetic guidance? I usually have trouble convincing people words should count if I don’t know how to pronounce them.


  10. Thank goodness that Kevin and Scott posted to cover the rather premature comments from Sarah (words always capitalized – with a workaround from Kevin too!) and the Huh? from Coley and the missed bingo from CB and Sarah’s OP.

    Rule of thumb, never say never and can’t!

  11. Hi Sarah.

    No problem.

    pronunciation will follow syllable in parenthesis.

    r (re – short e) zep (zep – nothing fancy here)czyn (sin – yep) ski (ski – just like that).

    Oh, and just to bring it back, I think he is going to have a pretty good year in ‘010.
    so try it like this:

  12. Sarah,

    Thought you might want to take a look at this blasphemy…

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