With news that catching prospect Carlos Santana has been called up by the Indians, the single biggest mistake made so far (among many) by the the McCourt/Colletti regime in their mismanagement of the Dodgers is about to be exposed for all the world to see.

For those of you who don’t follow the Dodgers or the Indians, this Carlos Santana (apparently no relation to the famed guitarist), is by far the best prospect in the entire Indians organization, and easily one of the top 5 in baseball.

And yet amazingly, he was a throw-in in the Dodgers’ trade for Casey Blake just two years ago, because Frank McCourt wanted the Indian’s to chip in an extra $2 million to cover Blake’s salary.

That’s right. A prospect who looks almost certain to provide the Indians with untold mult-millions in value over the next several years was tossed in at the last moment to save $2 million bucks in a deal that let the Dodgers have Casey Blake’s services for 2 months (they later resigned him in the offseason, but at the time all anyone knew was he was going to be a free agent in two months).

And it’s not like the Dodgers couldn’t have known what they were giving away. At the time of the trade, Santana was OPSing well over .900. True, he was still in A-ball, but he was showing tremendous power and plate discipline, not to mention he was a catcher and only 22 years old.

I still remember how shocked us Dodger fans were at the time – well at least those of us who pay attention to the minor leagues.

And now here we are, less than two years later, and Santana is already in the majors, and was only kept down that long so that he wouldn’t get super-two status.

All to save the McCourts $2 million bucks. And this call up in the same week that we find out the McCourts paid several million dollars over 5 seasons to a Russian faith healer who doesn’t know anything about baseball in exchange for his watching Dodger games on TV from his home in Boston and send the Dodgers good vibrations telepathically, which the McCourt’s believed was responsible for increasing the Dodgers’ chances of winning

You know what would increase the Dodgers’ chances of winning? Carlos Santana. Either of them really. Because even aging rock legend Carlos Santana would do more to pump up a team, with his vicious guitar licks, than some guy watching TV in Boston.

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