Today, UmpBump joined the Yardbarker network, which boasts reputable sites like With Leather, Sports by Brooks, and USS Mariner. And also Curt Schilling’s blog.

You can find our YB profile here.

Yardbarker is affiliated with Fox Sports on MSN, as well as TMZ sports, so you’ll potentially see some of our posts show up on those sites or on the Yardbarker main site.

In addition to greater exposure, this move will also hopefully mean a little extra cash to keep the site running.

You will notice a new YardBarker navbar at the top of our site, and a new square ad slot on the sidebar, in addition to a widget featuring stories from the YB Network. To lessen the impact of this new ad slot, we’ve removed some other ads on the page.

What else changes? Nothing. Our editorial approach will remain the same. You can still read our stuff at or follow us on Twitter.

Questions? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email at get [at]

2 Responses to “UmpBump is now part of YardBarker”

  1. Paul Moro says:

    I just sacrificed a chicken in honor of our new overlords. Was I not supposed to do that?

  2. No, you were supposed to go with the bucket of KFC, ala Jake Taylor in Major League.

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