I root for the Phillies but I live in Tucson, Ariz., so I subscribe to MLB.tv, which enables me to watch all of the Phillies games (and any other out of market games) on my laptop. I also bought a Roku box, which allows me to stream MLB.tv to my television.

Throughout the season, MLB.tv has experienced occasional hiccups. But for the most part it’s been reliable. Until lately.

Lately the service has been shitty. I’m plagued by constant interruptions. If I’m told, “Loading…Please wait” one more time I’m going to lose it.

Is anybody else experiencing similar problems?

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  1. I canceled my service 2 seasons ago because it just never got better (put up with it since 1st day it was rolled out). Each year I have signed up for it, tried it for a week, found that its still not where it needs to be, canceled and called for refund…

    I switched to p2p feeds to watch the Braves while I lived in Florida, which the picture quality is poor, but the feed is solid the entire game, no hiccups…and completely free.

    I have since moved to NC, and I’m in ‘Braves Country’, so luckily I am in their market.

    I still go back to p2p when I travel out of the region..
    And if high speed is unavailable, I find online audio streams of the game from affiliate stations(also free).

    In short, F mlb.tv…..

  2. I’ve used MLBtv for years and I think that while it continues to get better, there have been some problems the last couple weeks. One day the game wasn’t even up until after the first pitch and then you couldn’t make it full screen. I’ve also experienced it flashing the “game starting soon” or other commercial screens occasionally during play. It’s been annoying, but not bad enough for me to miss anything – so far.

  3. I stream it through my TV with my PS3, and I’m not experiencing problems as bad as yours, but I do think it’s running slower than it used to, and going to non-HD picture more often too. I’ve had the “game starting soon” screen come up out of nowhere during an inning too, but never for more than a few seconds.

    I’m having problems with the MLB At Bat phone app. When I’m listening to a radio broadcast, it will rewind about thirty seconds out of nowhere, leaving me to either disconnect and reconnect, or listen to the same thirty seconds of pithy broadcaster dialogue in between pitches I just listened to.

  4. I purchased MLB.TV in mid-2007. Terrible quality, terrible service. You know what has great quality? The MLB package on DirecTV. Purchased that the next season and I will never look back.

  5. i’m also an exiled phillies fan that has purchased mlb.tv. this service has NEVER worked on any browser on my mac. it won’t even play audio. However it works perfectly on my iphone and ipad and works pretty well on my ps3. I don’t know why they can’t get their shit straight on the computer front.

  6. TwinsFaninSicily says:

    I’m usually not lucky when it comes to techno, but now I guess the tide is turning. I signed up in Sicily for mlb.tv
    —MacOSX and DSL line—and have had zero problems. I watch both live and given the time difference much on archive. Hope I’m not jinxing things by writing this…


  7. As I write this I am sitting here with nothing happening, and it has been like that for a good ten minutes, just spinning around and around. Trying to watch Braves Phillies. It’s lousy.

  8. LOUSY MLB-TV. I expect to get an uninterrupted signal and instead get ‘loading, please wait’ like I have a CHOICE to wait or not wait if I want to see the game. Not at all happy with their service!

  9. George Jarden says:

    Loading,please wait, happening constantly right now, in Las Cruces, NM. Phillies/Tampa Bay, 6/24/12.
    Why is this so unfixable by the techies?!! Happens every game. Why do we keep re-newing?

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