UPDATE: So if I’m going to write about a writer’s boneheaded opinion, I feel the need to point out when he/she retracts that statement. And Pearlman has done just that. So kudos to him. I’m not going to take down the following post, because I think the point still stands. But I do greatly respect the fact that he has acknowledged his mistake. And thanks to our reader Brian for passing along the link to Pearlman’s mea culpa.

I really wanted to stay away from the topic of the Mets’ Oliver Perez, Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo not attending a team trip to visit the wounded servicemen and woman at Walter Reed Hospital recently. Not because of the sensitivities involved or anything like that, but rather, because of the topic’s inherent dumb-itude. And that point has been unwittingly made perfectly clear by SI.com’s Jeff Pearlman:

For reasons that range from insulting (Beltran said he had a meeting involving a high school he’s building) to pathetic (Castillo said he gets squeamish) to pitiful(Perez said it’s nobody’s business), the three marquee Mets skipped out, infuriating teammates and calling into question their morality.

Emphasis mine. According to Pearlman, Carlos Beltran is an insulting and immoral dickhead because he attended a meeting about building a school with his own money in Puerto Rico.

Wrap your heads around that one. Goddamnit, I hate disingenuous writers.

One Response to “Jeff Pearlman is a much bigger jackass than Carlos Beltran”

  1. Pearlman’s entire premise is flawed. He writes that athletes have the power to impact people, and need to respect that power – well, what was Beltran doing if not working to impact people, and in a way that will be meaningful to far more people than a visit to Walter Reed (and much longer-lasting)?

    I’ve also read that Beltran has made similar visits in the past, ones that maybe didn’t get so much media attention at the time. So really, the most important thing is not that he goes, but that everyone knows about it? Do I have that right?

    Jeff Pearlman is a well-known member of the national media. I’d like to know how many times he’s visited Walter Reed.

    (Wow – no lie, I googled “Jeff Pearlman, Walter Reed”, just to see if I was off-base on that last comment, and found an update to his SI piece:


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