I’ve already weighed in on the departure of Jayson Werth, who signed a 7-year deal with the Nationals today. Now here’s a different take, from Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan, who thinks losing Werth is no big deal:

Sorry, but the Phillies would have been idiots to give Werth that deal. Those of you who bemoan their commitment to the aging Raul Ibanez should fast-forward to 2015, when an aged Phillies team would have been locked into two more years with a broken-down Werth. The GM would be cursing his predecessor – no way Ruben Amaro Jr. is still here if he tossed that contract Werth’s way – for tying his hands with such a short-sighted deal.

That makes perfect sense. It is rarely a good idea to sign a player who is entering his decline phase to a 7-year contract.

Too bad Sheridan doesn’t apply that same logic consistently to all players. He applauded when the Phillies signed Ryan Howard to an even more expensive contract extension, saying:

“(Howard) continues to try to work to be a better player. This kind of talk galls those who worship the almighty stat to the exclusion of all else. Howard’s entire career rattles their cages, which is one more reason to enjoy his work.”

I just don’t understand how signing Werth to a long, expensive deal is insane and signing Howard to a similar deal is smart.

Can somebody explain this to me?

One Response to “Phil Sheridan would rather have Ryan Howard than Jayson Werth”

  1. Doug Pryer says:

    Yea, it’s called driving in runs. Look at Howards RBI’s and Home Runs (every year) and then look at Werth’s RBI’s and Home Runs. Not even close! Howard is defintely worth more money than Werthless!

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