In what has become an annual tradition, we here at UmpBump cast our ballots for the Hall of Fame on the eve of the announcements of the voting for the real Hall of Fame.

Voters can vote for anyone ever who has been retired from baseball for at least five years and is not already in the Hall, and can vote for as many or as few people as they like. As with the real Hall, at least 75% of the votes cast in any given year are required for a player to enter UmpBump’s version of the Hall.

This year’s voters were UmpBump contributors Nick, Coley, Paul, Sarah, Alejandro, and Zvee as well as longtime friend of the blog Melissa. With 7 voters this year, at least 6 votes were required for a player to gain enshrinement.

Here’s how the voting turned out:

Jeff Bagwell – 6
Bert Blyleven – 5
Shoeless Joe Jackson – 5
Ron Santo – 5
Alan Trammell – 5
Edgar Martinez – 4
Larry Walker – 4
Dick Allen – 3
Roger Maris – 3
Buck O’Neil – 3
Pete Rose – 3
Harold Baines – 2
Kevin Brown – 2
Bill Dahlen – 2
Dwight Evans – 2
Bobby Grich – 2
Gil Hodges – 2
Tommy John – 2
Mark McGwire – 2
Don Newcombe – 2
Rafael Palmeiro – 2
Ted Simmons – 2
Lou Whitaker – 2
Maury Wills – 2
Albert Belle – 1
Bob Caruthers – 1
David Cone – 1
David Justice – 1
John Olerud – 1
Tino Martinez – 1
Fred McGriff – 1
Marvin Miller – 1
Minnie Miñoso – 1
Brett Saberhagen – 1
Reggie Smith – 1
Dave Stieb – 1
Luis Tiant – 1
Joe Torre – 1

Although Jeff Bagwell seems unlikely to make it into the real Hall of Fame on his first try, his career 80 WAR (according to impressed enough of us here at UmpBump to get him into our Hall easily with 86% of the vote.

Hard luck just-missers Ron Santo and Burt Blyleven fell just one vote shy for the second year in a row, while Shoeless Joe Jackson and Alan Trammell are trending upward, reaching 5 votes for the first time.

Tim Raines, Barry Larkin, and Roberto Alomar do not appear on this list because they have already been inducted into the UmpBump version of the Hall of Fame. Altogether, 6 players have been so enshrined, including the above mentioned 3 players who are not yet in the real Hall (although one or more may make it in tomorrow!).

UmpBump Hall of Fame Inductees by Year

2011 – Jeff Bagwell
2010 – Roberto Alomar*, Barry Larkin*
2009 – Rickey Henderson†, Tim Raines*
2008 – Goose Gossage†

* = not yet in real Hall of Fame
† = elected to real Hall of Fame in same year as UmpBump Hall election

9 Responses to “Annual UmpBump Hall of Fame Balloting: 2011 Edition”

  1. So what was the actual vote breakdown between you guys? This doesn’t show who the softies and who the haters are.

    • Nick Kapur says:

      Hey, if individual voters would like to reveal their vote they are free to do so, but I am honor-bound not to reveal anything (or even keep track) without their permission.

    • Here’s who I voted for:
      Jeff Bagwell

      Bert Blyleven

      Dick Allen

      Bill Dahlen

      Pete Rose

      Bob Caruthers

      Ted Simmons

      Bobby Grich

      Gil Hodges

      Tommy John

      Shoeless Joe Jackson

      Roger Maris

      Don Newcombe

      Ron Santo

      Alan Trammell

      Larry Walker

      Lou Whitaker

      Maury Wills

      Mark McGwire

      Buck O’Neil

      I’m really close to voting for Kevin Brown, too. Really close.

      • McGwire yes, Palmerio no? Why? Not judging, just curious.

      • I have been looking at hall of fame ballots in conjunction with this WAR calculation for HoF candidates: Assuming that their calculations are correct, it seems amazing that Blyleven could not scrounge up 6 votes (90.1 career WAR). Also interesting is Harold Baines (37.0 career WAR) getting 2 votes, although Palmeiro (66.0), McGwire (63.1) and Kevin Brown (64.8) were also stuck at the 2 vote level. John Olerud (56.8) didn’t even get to two votes. Why the Harold Baines love?

        Coley, what led you to vote for McGwire over Palmeiro and Edgar Martinez (67.2 career WAR)?

      • It’s true, Martinez was a couple of WAR points better better than McGwire, according to BR. But WAR isn’t the end all be all when I fill out my ballot. McGwire’s counting stats are better, his trophy case is fuller, and his impact on the sport was much greater.

        I wouldn’t be upset if Edgar got elected. He’s right on the bubble, as far as I’m concerned. As for Palmeiro, I’ll probably vote for him next year. This year, I kind of forgot about him. Sorry Raffy.

    • Good question. It’s cool to not reveal actual voting. I’m just curious what factors weighed into Palmeiro getting a mere 2 votes. Is it that 3000H/500HR/GG don’t matter so much in current context, or did the steroids controversy factor?

      • Nick Kapur says:

        I’m guessing steroid usage. At least, that’s why I didn’t vote for him. McGwire only got 2 votes from us too. If you go just by numbers, Palmeiro has a good case. It’s just that we know that those numbers were chemically enhanced.

      • Interesting. FWIW, I agree. And I was a big Palmeiro/O’s fan.

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