Here’s what I don’t like about the Marlins’ new uniforms: the black caps and jerseys. It seems like the folks who design uniforms decided a while back that black is cool and kids were more likely to buy black caps. But guess what? Kids are stupid and black uniforms are generally pretty lame. The Pirates’ caps make sense. Ditto the White Sox. Other teams’ black caps and jerseys? Lame.

Here’s what I do like about the Marlins’ new uniforms: everything else. The color scheme hasn’t been done to death. The font is cool. Moreover, these unis are interesting. They’re not like the Rays’ uniforms, which seem desperate to be ignored. Nor are they like the Dbacks uniforms of the 1990s, which were a desperate cry for help. They’re just good, colorful, fun, interesting uniforms. I’m a fan.

2 Responses to “The Marlins’ new uniforms rock”

  1. Okay, now they just look like the Hurricanes. Esp. the road whites (why do they have road whites?) w/the orange cap and Miami across the chest.

    Also, I do not recall ever seeing orange as a part of their color scheme. I guess they’re trying to slowly back away from the teal.

    The new uniforms are fine; certainly an improvement. But just like (MC) Hammer, who may never fully escape the shadow cast by his predilection for shiny genie pants, the history of the (Florida) Marlins will never be able to shake the foul imagery of the teal and black. Enjoy your kudos, Marlins, because behind every compliment you receive on your new threads lurks an abundance of derision for the old unis.

  2. diggerjohn111 says:

    Are you kidding me? These uniforms are a blight on baseball. I am so glad my Jays got rid of their black in their uniforms, to contrast these disgusting clown suits.

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