Over the weekend, Buster Olney listed the top 15 “most irreplaceable players.” Ryan Howard was his ninth most irreplaceable player because, “He has shown over and over that he is capable of hoisting that team on his broad shoulders for a month at a time.” Chase Utley didn’t make the list. Now that Utley is […]

Last night, two Phillies players tried on new looks. Ryan Howard showed up for the game rocking the playoff beard, and Chase Utley brought back the slicked back hair. Howard’s new look was somewhat unexpected, as he’s been hot lately and if there’s one thing Crash Davis taught us it’s that you never mess with […]

Today, Rob Neyer says let’s not anoint Pujols just yet, and poses the following question: Maybe Pujols really is the best player in the National League. He probably is. But there’s a .365-hitting shortstop with power, playing for a contending team. Shouldn’t we at least take a deep breath and think a few thoughts? Don’t […]

With as good as Chase Utley has been these past five years, many people have been assuming that he can’t really get much better. After all, this is a player who did not break through to become a full-time starter until he was already 26 years old, and is currently playing in his age-30 season. […]

The other day I was walking around the house, reveling in the latest Phillies victory, and spouting off to my fiancee Suz about how great Chase Utley is when she asked me, “Is he going to the Hall of Fame?” I told her that Utley got a bit of a late start, that he didn’t […]

I was talking to my dad today and he brought up something that had crossed my mind once or twice. Chase Utley, who dropped an F-bomb at the Phillies’ championship celebration on Friday, has yet to apologize. Unlike the first time Utley used the f-word on national TV this year, this time he meant to […]

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