Man, this week feels long. How about some good ol’ fashioned midweek reading? We already knew that Derek Jeter drinks wine coolers. Now, via Sox and Dawgs, we have the lowdown on A-Rod’s beverage of choice: a cold, fruity Sex on the Beach! Also in the category of “The Pinstriped Epicure,” we have fresh intel […]

We’ve been having a great time up here in Boston. Our basketball team, the Boston Celtics (perhaps you’ve heard of them) just won the NBA championship last night by tearing the Lakers of Los Angeles limb from limb, burning their villages and abducting their women, who, let’s face it, were only too happy to be […]

Today we learned that Jason Giambi likes to wear a gold, tiger-print thong whenever he needs help breaking out of a slump. According to Giambi, “The thong works every time.” But if you thought that’s the only gem unearthed from Franz Lidz’s story about the Giambi, you’d be mistaken. Giambi on the ups and downs […]

David Ortiz (.070, 1 HR, 3 RBI) “I’m just trying to figure things out for a minute so I can go back to being Big Papi again. You see this in baseball, where a guy will have a hard time, go home, chill out and come back with a fresh mind. It happens to everybody. […]

For those of you who still doubt the power of steroids and HGH, I say behold these before and after shots of Jason Giambi. The before pic, compliments of, shows Giambi in his pre-performance enhanced days, when he played third base. I don’t think I need to add anything clever here. I think the […]

If you were Jason Giambi and you were getting ready to have surgery on your wrist, there are probably a few places where you wouldn’t want the surgery performed: a barnyard, the top of a mountain, the building where a teammate’s two-seater plane crashed just a week earlier, etc. But it seems like Giambi’s surgery […]

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