Hot dag, yo, are we the only sports blog not banned in China? Or are we in fact banned in China and we just don’t know it? That is one looong cup of coffee: it had been 21years in between minor league starts for Tom Glavine when he took the hill for the Myrtle Beach […]

So the X-Files movie comes out on Friday, and I can’t help but wonder: will Mulder and Scully be looking for aliens, or that even more elusive creature…..the Last Eric Gagne Fan? Here’s an item that should especially interest those of you who are now just waiting for next year: a mid-season update of baseball’s […]

Mark Teixeira’s been getting it from the Atlanta Press, and up here in Beantown Manny has been hearing it from all the usual suspects: the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, our sports talk radio station, WEEI, and on our local sports cable station, NESN. (Now he’s even getting lectures from Seattle cops for jaywalking.) First, […]

Usually, I’d wait until Friday for your procrastinatory reading of the week. But seeing as how many of you will be calling in sick tomorrow (coughcough! hackwheeze! sniffle!), let’s get to those links today. Babes Love Baseball has the new SI cover and it’s….bizarro! Walkoff Walk has an amazingly destructive Albert Pujols leaving nothing but […]

I have a problem. I. Hate. Julio. Lugo. I hate the stupid sub-.300 OBP he had last year. I hate the stupid hitting streak he’s on right now, because I know he’s just doing it to be even more of a $%@#$ later. I hate his enormous bug-eyes that stare so widely AND YET STILL […]

For this week’s Metro column, I felt obligated to talk about David Ortiz’s 3-for-43 slump to start the year. It was all anyone in Boston was talking about—radio call-in shows, sports TV, newspaper inches. Nothing was off-limits—people were talking about his weight, his batting stance, his knees, his schedule, his mindset. But I didn’t really […]

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