Here’s what I don’t like about the Marlins’ new uniforms: the black caps and jerseys. It seems like the folks who design uniforms decided a while back that black is cool and kids were more likely to buy black caps. But guess what? Kids are stupid and black uniforms are generally pretty lame. The Pirates’ […]

Oh my God, it’s June. And it’s gorgeous outside. And you’re stuck inside! The cubicle walls are closing in on you! cialis 20 mg discount You struggle to breathe! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Don’t despair, gentle reader—just catch hold of this lifeline of links: The Hardball Times posted a great piece on Johnny Cueto using PITCHf/x data. For […]

We’ve done the ugliest uniforms and the crazy old-school uniforms—but what about the unis that actually look good? Here, your All-Star lineup of the nine best-looking get-ups in the majors: 1. Yankees. Other teams wear pinstripes. But the Yankees wear Pinstripes. In fact, “pinstripes” has become something of a metonym for the New York Yankees. […]

The Blue Jays debuted their throwback uniforms last night, as they plan to do for every Friday home game this season. Behold: They look a bit silly, but isn’t that just part of the fun? The Royals have also brought their powder blues back (though only from the waist up). Last year, the Padres busted […]

The baseball uniform is something of a curiosity. I think we can all agree that baseball did the world a favor by bringing us the baseball cap. But in what other sport are players required to wear a thick belt, tapered white stretch pants, a glorified pajama top, and stirrups?! Nonetheless, some baseball uniforms are […]

The Phils unveiled their new alternate uniform today, which will be worn during home day games. The unis were modeled by Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels and HOF member Robin Roberts. A couple of thoughts on these photos: Jimmy Rollins knows how to work a runway. This should come as no surprise. Say what you will […]

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